Friday, February 15, 2013

In The Piney Woods

If a pine tree falls in the forest, would you hear it?? How about if a plain, but solid pine buffet calls your name, begging for a long overdue up-scaling?!?!? This piece has great lines, but WOOD you be able to see the beauty for the trees (it was made from)?

If you're a consignor at Room With A Past and Paris Flea Market you WOOD! Have you ever wondered why the prices are so reasonable at both stores?? It's because we consignors go all over the state and beyond to find unusual things at a low cost that we can unleash our creativity on! 


The task of redoing this humble piece was quickly cut down to size with one coat of Cece Caldwell's Virginia Chestnut Paint. We sell the paint at both stores, so a small "sample" jar ($8.95) was an easy buy. The paint was diluted (1/2 water & 1/2 paint), and the cost of this delicious base coat cost $4.50! And took under 45 minutes to paint....!

Top view:

Next up was a quick coat of Seattle Mist, and a stenciled design was applied to the center panel. 

Two half sample jars of Cece's paint =  8.95
                         1/4 can of Clear Wax =  7.00
A "new" piece of gorgeous furniture =  priceless!

Another masterpiece by Pam Lawrence!

Now, chop, chop and get to it!!!

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  1. Turned out gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous - love that you added the graphic to the front!!!
    Visiting from Simple Home Life,


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