Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flattery Will Get You A Dreamy Table!

They say the most sincere form of flattery is imitation, but for most, it's just the want of not having to pay a high price for what you want! Why buy it at a trendy $$$$tore if you have the ability to make it yourself for less? Case in point:

This a a fabulous table! It's got a lot going for it: a contemporary industrial base, paired with an equally modern edgy round top. It also commands a lot from your wallet, priced at 599.00!

But with a little imagination (provided by consignor Pam Lawrence) 


the right resources, (a table base picked up at a local Berkeley, CA salvage center)


some good old-fashioned ingenuity ( a salvaged coffee table top with a rivet detail around the sides was attached with a metal pole and threaded pipe connector). 


and some Cece Caldwell's Paint (The wood on top had some issues so, it was painted with Vermont Slate!), you may just get what you've been dreaming of!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

In The Piney Woods

If a pine tree falls in the forest, would you hear it?? How about if a plain, but solid pine buffet calls your name, begging for a long overdue up-scaling?!?!? This piece has great lines, but WOOD you be able to see the beauty for the trees (it was made from)?

If you're a consignor at Room With A Past and Paris Flea Market you WOOD! Have you ever wondered why the prices are so reasonable at both stores?? It's because we consignors go all over the state and beyond to find unusual things at a low cost that we can unleash our creativity on! 


The task of redoing this humble piece was quickly cut down to size with one coat of Cece Caldwell's Virginia Chestnut Paint. We sell the paint at both stores, so a small "sample" jar ($8.95) was an easy buy. The paint was diluted (1/2 water & 1/2 paint), and the cost of this delicious base coat cost $4.50! And took under 45 minutes to paint....!

Top view:

Next up was a quick coat of Seattle Mist, and a stenciled design was applied to the center panel. 

Two half sample jars of Cece's paint =  8.95
                         1/4 can of Clear Wax =  7.00
A "new" piece of gorgeous furniture =  priceless!

Another masterpiece by Pam Lawrence!

Now, chop, chop and get to it!!!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Easy As One, Two, Three!

If we had a timed lapsed video, we could more easily show why we busy consignors at Room With A Past and Paris Flea Market love this paint! The next best thing is before and after photos, so with out further ado,  roll 'em!

You can paint almost anything with Cece Caldwell's Paints, so grab your brush and follow along! 

One: First, the handles were removed. Then mix your paints if you want to get a custom color to your liking. Here, we used Seattle Mist & Vintage White (use 1/4 cup of each) and then add a tablespoon of Memphis Blue to paint this piece.  Then PAINT!

TA DA!!!

Two: Want to mix it up a little? Here we painted the top and all the drawer details using just Vintage White. Then a petite fleur di lis was painted in the center of the wood embellishment. SO EASY, no?

Three: Finish it off with a protective coat of Clear Wax, paint your handles and wax them up too, if you're so inclined (we were!). It's so fun, we didn't want to stop! What else can we do? Oooh, Aging Wax! Used sparingly on the raised details and corners, it gives the perfect aged look we LOVE!  

Anything else? Nope! Just rinse out your paint brush in the kitchen sink (this paint is all GREEN!) and don't forget to take a photo of your masterpiece! The whole thing took one coat and in under four hours total work time, we're done! One, two, three!

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's A Matter Of Taste

I'll just let you take a gander at this well-constructed piece, before we go any further.

Any thoughts? Or is it like the proverbial car wreck and you just can't look away to answer me? Yes, it's OK, you can say it with me "It's ugly!" Funny how as the times change, so do the population's taste in furniture. At one time this was considered "the bomb", but now, we wish we could just blow it up, and make it all go away, (like those old photos of us in high school with our Farrah Fawcett hairdo's)!  Don't be so hasty, my fashion-forward minded friend! Where there is inspiration and a willing hand, there is HOPE!


I've mentioned there are lots of creative consignors at Paris Flea Market & Room With A Past, and here's just a little more proof! The uber talented Karen Berg has done it again! She's a magician with less-than-perfect pieces, and has true vision when it comes to formulating a plan for transformations. She got this buffet from a lovely neighbor and began with a good scrub one this one, before she filled in the "carved" areas. Next on the list was a coat of Cece Caldwell's Virginia Chestnut, followed by a haphazardly, unevenly coat of Vintage White. This lets all the rich brown goodness of the Chestnut show through!

The last steps were as simple as the first: a coat of Clear Wax, followed by a touch of Aging Wax was all it took to update this now beautifully aged piece to today's tastes. 

So the next time you turn your nose up at something that's not quite your taste, why don't you try a little updating first? Cece Caldwell's Paints, makes it SO easy! There are 36 delicious colors to choose from:

Something for everyone's taste!

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