Friday, August 23, 2013

Old School-Cool Desk Re-do

Attention class! Let's begin our lesson for today! 

Can anyone tell me the easiest way to update a desk that has been passed down from generation to generation and is still as sturdy as the day it was made? Anyone? 

How about the best way to save a perfectly good piece of vintage furniture from ending up in the local landfill? Yes, you there, in the first row--CeCe! 

Let CeCe Caldwell teach YOU a thing or two about both of those questions that is posed so many times when one of the consignors at Room With A Past and Paris Flea Market come across furniture that is too good to be "threw"!

Consignor Diane at Room With A Past really didn't have to study too hard when it came to this desk from the 1950's:

It was hers in junior high and all through high school and college (I would have loved to have seen the love notes she hid in it!).  Then her kids used it, but when they went away to college Diane's brother (who has seven kids!), was in need of a desk so she took it over to his house. Fast forward about six years and Diane's sister-in-law wants to get rid of a couple of desks. She sent Diane photos and asked her how much she should sell them for. Lo and behold, Diane recognized her old desk like a familiar face at a high-school reunion! "That looks like my old desk!" she  reported to which her sister-in-law requested her to come and pick it up!!  

Her assignment now was to transform her old study partner, so she and Vintage White went to work on the body and handles!  Some Seattle Mist mixed with a small measure of Vintage White went on the drawer fronts for a trendy two-tone face lift.  Clear Wax bookmarked the end of this chapter!

A+ and a gold star for getting it all done in only a few hours!

You too can go to the head of the class! There are classes for beginners and advanced students at our new classroom in Livermore

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Pamalicious Project Completed!

Do you remember my post on the Grand Master of Re-Funkification Pam Lawrence?   She's come up with another project, and baby it's so super-flied you'll be stupefied!

She came across this down & out solid oak cabinet and welcomed it into her home, giving it the attention it deserved; a good scrub, a place to stay and some much needed wood on its back! She was really good at listening to what it needed from there....

because the next thing you know she goes all "CeCe" on it with some Vintage White and Clear Wax! A little chicken wire on the door fronts and that's all she wrote!

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