Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goldilocks And The Shades Of Gray

We all know the age-old story of Goldilocks; a story involving getting lost in the forest, and bears. But this story of Goldilocks starts out a little differently. This is the story of an un-bear-able color that gets lost in time! "Someones been painting my furniture with stuff left over from the 1970's and they messed it aaalllllll up!" This dresser's tale of woe started out with a golden antiqued & glazed ochre finish. Poor little Goldilocks...

I feel so LOST!

Lucky for her, there is such a thing as a modern day makeover! A trip to Room With A Past to buy some CeCe Caldwell's Paint, and we're ready to write a happy ending for this sad, sad fable. Putting brush to wood, a new chapter in our heroin's life begins:

I feel so much better!

Pittsburgh Gray was rolled right over that out of date finish, followed by some Clear Wax for a lasting protective shell. Then, to add some sparkle just like diamond earrings, we added some glass knobs. It's a storybook ending to what could have been a scary story. Oh? And what of it's fate? It was purchased at the Room With A Past October opening, by a very happy customer ... and they lived happily ever after! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dress, White, Dress(er)

In the Navy, there is a saying: "Dress, White, Dress". Which can translate to the non-civilian as: "Follow the rule: pay attention to details to achieve the expected perfection".

This saying can just as easily be applied to using CeCe Caldwell's Paints! They are sooooo easy to use and the end product is always perfect--with one caveat: you don't always know  exactly what it will look like. Depending on what paint color you choose and how it's applied,  will give you a texture here, a deeper tone there, and that, my friend, what makes this paint so wonderful. 

Start with an appreciation for this dresser spied in a local charity shop:

It's got a lovely shape, sweet little feet and, (say it with me 3, 2, 1...) great bones, to say nothing of the fabulous mirror! But let's not stop there. Let's do it one better and pull out some Vintage White and Clear Wax.

Painted by Pam Lawrence

Is it just me, or is this piece reminiscent of the scene in "An Officer and A Gentleman" that shows Richard Gere in his white uniform with brass buttons in full salute?? Makes you want to stand up a little taller and hug it at the same time, doesn't it?? Can you see the differences in the depth of the paint? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Perfection--achieved! It's also for sale starting tonight at 6 PM at Room With A Past in Walnut Creek, CA!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Versatiliy Is The Spice Of Life!

I'm a sucker for versatility. You know, how you can use one thing in different ways? Take this piece for instance:

The lovely "BEFORE"

Can you see past its chipped, "antiqued"and out-dated exterior? Can you see the matching mirror harp floating magically in the other junk that we all have in our garages? (TELL ME you have this float-sum in your garage too, please!!) It's a writing desk, it's a dressing table, it's SUPER SURFACE!!! Able to be used any darn way you see fit in your home! Don't you love the gams on it? Hubba, hubba!

The even more lovely "AFTER"! (Painted by Pam Lawrence)

Wow! Can you believe this is the same piece? But I have to let you in on a little secret. Yes, this piece was transformed with Cece Caldwell's Chalk & Clay based paint, BUT it wasn't straight out of the can--it was mixed with a few other colors of Cece's before being applied. Want to know the recipe?

1/2 cup (or 1 part) Simply White
1/2 cup (or 1 part) Seattle Mist
1/4 cup Smoky Mountain
1 Tbsp. Memphis Blue

The raised areas and the metal handles (that's right--just paint right over 'em!) were highlighted with Vintage White.  When all was dry, the Clear Wax was used to protect it.

Just like magic, huh? Check it out at Room With A Past October 18 - 21st. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Cabinet Of Horrors!

Thanks for joining me today! I have to share this cabinet "before and after" makeover. It's a cabinet you could have seen at a neighborhood estate sale (or in your neighbor's front yard on haul-it-away day!), and not given it a second glance.

I might have enjoyed it's slick faux cherrywood finish about 15 years ago, but now? Not so much... BUT with some Cece Caldwell's Vermont Slate, Vintage White paint and Clear Wax  it's a whole 'nother animal:

AFTER (Painted by Cara Schopplein)

I love, love, LOVE that this paint lets the painting get started right away when inspiration strikes! No primer! Paint right over the metal handles! It would have been super easy to distress the paneled doors after painting it, using just a wet rag, but I think it's quite elegant just the way it is! I can think of so many ways to store all my JUNK in it, but I think it'll soon be up for sale at Paris Flea Market. (The next opening starts TONIGHT through Sunday!).