Thursday, April 25, 2013

Plain Jane Bloomers Dress-up

Where do you keep your bloomers? In a pot? In a garden? How about in a drawer?!?!? 

The cleverness of the over 80 consignors I work with at Paris Flea Market & Room With A Past just boggles my mind. Here's what Kathy did with a less than functional dresser. The lower drawer was repaired so it would hold weight.

To create a bright spot in the garden, Kathy chose Cece Caldwell's Santa Fe Turquoise  Carolina Yellow, and Mesa Sunset to use on this cute little project. See how she painted right over the metal handles?? I love how CeCe's paints make that possible! 

Because she wanted to put it outside immediately in the spring rain, she used a coat of Minwax sealer on it, let it dry and now she's proud to show off her bloomers!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Trunk Show

It's been said that hair color is one of the greatest inventions ever made in the beauty industry.  If that's so, I believe that PAINT is to worn vintage pieces as hair color is to beautiful women! Take "Red" here for example:

Nice looking enough, but let's do a little brightening here and a little highlighting there! Pop open a can of Cece Caldwell's Paint. A piece of this stature and detail calls for something in a more neutral tone, so how about Myrtle Beach Sand? It's a light & creamy taupe-ish color, and brushes on like a dream! 

After it's all dry, a coat of Clear Wax seals and protects all of the painted surfaces.  And because we all want to be as beautiful on the inside as we are on the outside, a coated fabric with a French theme was added to the much neglected, inferior interior!

What will you do with a can of Cece? Send us your photos and stories!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Large And In Charge Makeover

You know it when you see him--he's handsome enough, but with just a few small changes he could be so much better. Even he will admit, he's tired and his appearance is a bit outdated! It's high time for a little "he time". In our loving hands, he's been entrusted, so let's get to work.

Striped of his hardware (woo woo!), we'll layer on a soothing mask of CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White chalk & clay paint. Work it all over with a brush. An application lasting an hour or so should do it. Feeling and looking better already, yes sir! 

Ready for your rub-down? A wet cloth rubbed in just the right places takes the "edge off" and adds a little interest! 

Lastly, we'll do a massage with CeCe's Clear Wax. It's so easy to apply and makes the perfect finish to handsomely protect the big guy. 

We love to offer these huge dressers at Room With A Past and Paris Flea Market. Why? They are hard-working hunks and so versatile! They're not just dressers: they can become your flat screen media center, a baby's changing table or your home office supply station!

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