Thursday, April 25, 2013

Plain Jane Bloomers Dress-up

Where do you keep your bloomers? In a pot? In a garden? How about in a drawer?!?!? 

The cleverness of the over 80 consignors I work with at Paris Flea Market & Room With A Past just boggles my mind. Here's what Kathy did with a less than functional dresser. The lower drawer was repaired so it would hold weight.

To create a bright spot in the garden, Kathy chose Cece Caldwell's Santa Fe Turquoise  Carolina Yellow, and Mesa Sunset to use on this cute little project. See how she painted right over the metal handles?? I love how CeCe's paints make that possible! 

Because she wanted to put it outside immediately in the spring rain, she used a coat of Minwax sealer on it, let it dry and now she's proud to show off her bloomers!

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  1. Great makeover. Love how the dresser looks in the garden! New Follower.


  2. Neat idea, love the colors.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love CeCe Caldwell's Paint! :) Looks fabulous!

  4. Nothing is more charming than an unexpected way to decorate the backyard with plants and flowers. I've seen chairs used before (love that!) but this is the first time I have seen someone use a dresser... fabulous idea!!! And thanks for sharing how you protected it from the weather. Certainly will be a keeper, for sure!! I just became your latest follower... always want to support others if I can!!! And I would love it if you dropped on by my blog when you get a chance. Love making new friends!!

  5. How fun! Love the variety of colors on the dresser. Such a creative idea!


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