Thursday, May 2, 2013

Putting Up Walls and Painting CeCe Murals On Them!

Have you seen the new warehouse space at Paris Flea Market in Livermore? It's just next door! It's a fabulous extra 1500 square feet that owner Susan Goodman has pulled together. Within these new walls, she runs it like a regular flea market/swap meet and rents out space to anyone who has cleaned out granny's attic, makes cool stuff or is letting go of some of thier vintage items. Each seller can rent a table from month-to-month, set their own prices and even bargain with customers! It's a great way to have a short commitment shop of your own!

And if you know Susan, you know she doesn't do anything half way! She hired a fabulously talented muralist who has painted a huge stretch of wall to look like an actual French Flea Market using CeCe Caldwell's Paints!

I love how she shaded with the paints to make this flat wall POP!

Here is the artist Jessica Scoles and husbandly helper! She wields a paintbrush like a second hand! There is nothing this gal cannot do.

And she finished it just in time for our visit from CeCe Caldwell herself! I think she will be blown away when she sees it for our May Fundraiser--it's a CeCe Caldwell Paint workshop! The workshop is full, but we've always got something going on. You can check out the Paris Flea Market Classes page to find out more. 

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