Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taking It On The Road ~ Pleasanton Antiques & Collectibles Faire

What makes a "good day" for you? Is it time spent with people who "get" you? Is it participating in something you love in a place of comforting welcome? 

If you're anything like us--you love antiques, vintage treasures and fun, creative people! Which is why we always love to represent both Paris Flea Market and Room With A Past at all the local fairs where there are just that! 

Most recently we set up shop at the Pleasanton Antiques & Collectibles Faire on May 25th, and look who tagged along:

We rarely go without CeCe Caldwell's Paints, even when we're on the road. We really love this paint and are excited about spreading the word! We took a TON of furniture and smaller items painted with it to show off and sell!

Meanwhile, in the time it took three hard-working, ever-smilin' consignors to set up and break down the booth, (about an hour and a half) in a living room on the other side of the county, consignor Pam Lawrence (AKA Grand Master of Re-funkification, Pam-lo!)  managed to completely transform this formerly plain white dresser with her super secret custom "Pam's Grey" (see recipe below) from this:

Cute enough, but a little too "young girly" for Pam!

Now we're getting somewhere...

Into THIS!

And there's the OOH LA LA we needed!

Shhhh...don't tell. Well, OK, please DO tell and send them here to get it!

1/2 C Seattle Mist
1/2 C Simply or Vintage White

1 Tbsp. Memphis Blue

Finish with Clear Wax for a smooth protective surface!

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