Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yes, But Does He Have A Brother?

You may remember an older post where I talked about a good lookin' hunk o' wood at Room With A Past. Sometimes good things come in two's! Today I'd love to introduce you to the brother from the same mother:

He's tall, dark and riddled with fake worm holes. Not to worry, he'll clean up nice and then be given the same CeCe Caldwell Vintage White massage and makeover.  Lest the wonderful hardware be lost when removed; just paint right on over it! Rub him down here and there (bow chicka wow wow), give him a coat of clear wax and...

 "Hey Sailor!" 

Painted by Pam Lawrence

CeCe Caldwell Paint: transforming junk to HUNK every day of the week!

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  1. Hilarious!! What a great makeover!

  2. What a cute makeover! Love it! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back! Have a great day,Nicole


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