Friday, May 24, 2013

She's A Lady

Back before Tom Jones was a superstar and ladies needed a writing desk is when this beauty came to be:

With its demure features, room enough for a big puffy Victorian dress, and two little drawers on top for gloves, this sweet little desk was built to last, lucky for those of us who would prefer to keep such beauty out of the landfill! 

This little lady was given a coat of CeCe Caldwell's Seattle Mist, then a careful hand detailed its finer points (don't you love this flower basket carving??) in Vintage White.  

An easy bit of wet-rag distressing and a coat of durable CeCe Caldwell's Clear Wax and she's all said and done! 

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  1. Very pretty! I love desks like this. Love the color and how you highlighted the details.

  2. what an amazing find, beautiful job on the makeover. love the paint colors!!


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