Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goldilocks And The Shades Of Gray

We all know the age-old story of Goldilocks; a story involving getting lost in the forest, and bears. But this story of Goldilocks starts out a little differently. This is the story of an un-bear-able color that gets lost in time! "Someones been painting my furniture with stuff left over from the 1970's and they messed it aaalllllll up!" This dresser's tale of woe started out with a golden antiqued & glazed ochre finish. Poor little Goldilocks...

I feel so LOST!

Lucky for her, there is such a thing as a modern day makeover! A trip to Room With A Past to buy some CeCe Caldwell's Paint, and we're ready to write a happy ending for this sad, sad fable. Putting brush to wood, a new chapter in our heroin's life begins:

I feel so much better!

Pittsburgh Gray was rolled right over that out of date finish, followed by some Clear Wax for a lasting protective shell. Then, to add some sparkle just like diamond earrings, we added some glass knobs. It's a storybook ending to what could have been a scary story. Oh? And what of it's fate? It was purchased at the Room With A Past October opening, by a very happy customer ... and they lived happily ever after! 



  1. ooooo, I love it, and those glass knobs are perfect! thanks for joining in for Vintage Inspiration!

  2. I'm the happy customer and I LOOOOOOOVE my new dresser! It is perfect!

  3. I LOVE this color! It's so sophisticated, but soft and classic. I love the transformation. Well done!


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