Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Time To Be "Board"

What do you do when you work for a small company, want to stay "green" and need some affordable office furniture?  You get creative! That's just what our customer from Room With A Past , Roxanne, and her husband, (who work together for said small company!) did! They recently moved into their own office, and now have a great boardroom space. In looking around for boardroom tables they couldn't find anything that really fit the space or their  personalities. So they decided to create their own table, inspired by what they have seen in Room With A Past as well as vintage fairs and shows, using her incredible find of three vintage doors. For added personality, two of the doors are old apartment doors with the "peep" holes and addresses still attached! The middle door came from a home built in the 40's with 9 panes of glass.

Set up in their garage, Roxanne and her husband were out to create a table that was both re-purposed with vintage flair and had a hip "urban vibe" to it as well. Roxanne took a CeCe Caldwell Paint class held at Paris Flea Market, fell in love with the paint and gained the know-how to complete the task!  Using Vermont Slate to paint the doors and Springhill Green for the trim, all this "new" table needed was a large piece of glass and a custom made vinyl sign bearing the company name and logo as the finishing touch.  The result:


When it was finally completed, it was packed up and assembled at the office in Santa Clara. They were so excited to see it all assembled and set up in its new home. Roxanne tells us, "The table is truly a one-of-a-kind and we loved working on it together. We are looking forward to our next project!".

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  1. You have some beautiful pieces of furniture on your sidebar! Followed you from FCC

  2. This is so cool! I am looking to make a headboard out of doors and crown moulding, but haven't found the right doors yet!


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