Saturday, September 28, 2013

Off To Bed

Someone had the right idea when they started stripping the blotchy paint job off this yet-to-be-lovely head and footboard, but at some point they just ran out of steam! Then in stepped our beloved superhero, Pamalicious--who saw what COULD be and lost no time in making it so!

Armed with her trusty CeCe Caldwell Seattle Mist and Vintage White paint, she wielded a paintbrush and got to work! No need to finish stripping the rest of it since this paint adheres to almost anything!

With a steady hand, she went over the detailed carved swags and the trim, bringing out the finer points and personality of this piece. 

She finished up just as quickly as she began with a quick coat of Waxing Cream to protect the surface. Who wouldn't have sweet dreams and a good night's sleep in this beauty?

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