Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Modern Day Fairytale

We have the nicest, most fabulous customers at both Paris Flea Market and Room With A Past.  And when you combine one of those fabulous customers with one can of fabulous paint, you have a real story to tell! Let's all open our books to page "Can this dresser be saved?" and follow along.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Dana Dudley. She inherited a beautiful dresser that her mother bought in San Francisco in the 1960's. Over the next 40 years it was used by her sister and then finally her brother, who basically destroyed it! When Dana recently helped her brother move, she rescued it and stored it in her garage, where it sat for over a year.


Fast forward to a few weeks ago.....The drawer that is missing in the before picture still
had the front so her husband, who likes to do carpentry work, made a new drawer
and used the old front.   
Dana used CeCe' Caldwell's Simply White and finished with the Clear Wax. New white
glass knobs gave it the more modern look she desired. She is giving her re-loved 
dresser a place of honor in the room that her 7 year-old granddaughter uses when
she comes for visits. 

The Happily Ever AFTER!

This was Dana's very first try at painting a piece of furniture and it was very easy.  She
likes that the paint has no odor and went on so well.  She plans to use CeCe's paint again for some other pieces she has, and will try some of the other colors next time.  

Thus ends the story of Dana and The Dresser, but the tale of happily-ever-afters will always continue as long as there is a quart of CeCe Caldwell's Paint on the shelf!

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