Thursday, December 6, 2012

Light Up Your Life

I love this idea shared by my cohort at both Room With A Past and Paris Flea Market, Pam Lawrence.

It's a very old light sconce made of brass,  now tarnished. Yes, it looks just fabulous as is with its darling angels and faceted crystals hanging from the bobeches, doesn't it?

But if your taste is more sweet, rather than grand, why not change your fixtures to match? Pam used a little CeCe Caldwell Vintage White paint on a cheapo brush, and just dry brushed lightly over all that wonderful detail, making it really pop!


Even this little guy loves the way it turned out! But the best thing about this simple project? Pam didn't use any wax (because the fixture is up on a wall--who's going to be touching it?) and if she ever decides to go back to the tarnished brass finish--she can! Just a few swipes with a damp cloth will take off the chalk & clay based paint!

I hope I've enlightened you (oh, how corny!) on yet another way to transform old into new!

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  1. Love how you can see the details better when it's painted.

  2. ahhhh the power of white paint!

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    smiles to you.


  3. just beautiful, the details just come alive!


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