Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sittin' Pretty, Pretty Quick

It's the holidays and we're all rushing around with plans swirling around in our heads and sore & tired tootsies. Have a seat? Don't mind if I do! But um, eeww! Let's see if there's anything we can do about freshening up a little bit around here before the guests arrive:

It's a good enough looking chair to behold, to be sure, but that old dingy fabric with the spots and stains has got to go!  What's a quick remedy? 

Q: how about a store bought slipcover? 
A: besides requiring one more trip through the cross town traffic, they never really fit right!

Q: how about we just PAINT IT?
A: sure, in a perfect world, it would be that easy!

Enter the perfect paint for the job:

Seriously? Seriously! Get out your CeCe Caldwell Paint of choice and go to town on that chair. Even the fabric? Yes, especially that fabric! When it's all dry, follow up with the Satin Finish. And. You're. Done.

Pam Lawrence and CeCe to the rescue!

You've got a durable finish on a cute new place to sit. Now if finding the perfect Christmas gift for my mother was that easy, I'd be one happy woman!

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  1. Jan, I have seen painted upholestry out there in blogland for a few months now & I'm dying to try it. Yours came out beautiful. Found you at Redoux. Thanks for sharing & I'm your newest follower. Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  2. That Pam is so talented! Love the clean look of it. You are very witty in the presentation too!


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