Saturday, March 16, 2013

Full Bodied and Great Gams

Sometimes a gal is a real looker as is, she just needs a new get-up! This dresser had curves in all the right places, a generously proportioned landscape, and get a-load of those petite gams--hubba hubba!

Let's get to work! The springtime air here in bee-you-tee-ful northern California is full of pollen dust, so this sweetheart stayed right in the house for her glamour gal makeover. Remember, since we're using CeCe Caldwell Paint, that's not a problem at all!  A full-bodied gal's got to have a neutral shade in her wardrobe for this time of year, so a special recipe was custom mixed (SO easy with all the 36 colors of CeCe to choose from!) by using 1/2 quart of Omaha Ochre and 1/2 quart Kansas Wheat. It results in this dreamy golden taupe! A girl's gotta have some interest, don't you think, so her knobs (excuse me!?!?) and trim where highlighted with a touch of Vintage White. 

And there you have it--ready for a night out on the town and still respectable enough for church the next morning!

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