Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tall, Dark and Handsome!

Cue the James Bond soundtrack as our scene opens: a late-model mini van driven by a flame-haired woman is pulling up to an estate sale. The driver's side door of the van opens, and as the wide-eyed redhead steps out we get a glimpse into the back cargo hold of the van. It is filled with old paneled doors, a few seat-less dining chairs, kids toys and a case of empty (and recyclable!) quarts of CeCe Caldwell paint. The van door slams and our mysterious woman sprints across the front lawn, jumps over the hedge and victoriously lay claims to a mid-century modern china hutch.

Her mission, should she choose to accept it, is to haul this tall, dark and not-so-handsome hunk o' wood home and transform it into something as stylish as a sharp-dressed man.
                          Mission Accepted!

By now you may have figured out the heroine of our story is none other than Paris Flea Market consignor, Karen Berg; the woman with the golden paintbrush. Today we're showcasing her talent for using CeCe Caldwell Vermont Slate, Dover White with a layered application of Seattle Mist and Vintage White on the panels. We haven't talked much about Dover White here.  Karen describes it as "the only paint that has no pigment: just paint. It is kind of off-white, but it’s purpose is to lighten the existing shade of the color you are using." 

She describes the entire episodic adventure of painting this tall drink o' wood and following up with Cece's Clear Wax over at her blog: Redoux Interiors.  

As our scene wraps, we see Karen effortlessly washing her paint supplies in warm, soapy water, a stray section of hair falling over one wide eye, a wry smile on her lips (as the music loudly crescendos) promising that she will return...

                       Mission Accomplished!

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